Business Impact

Physician Assessment of claim mitigation opportunities and direct written or verbal interaction with the treating provider, including but not limited to:

  • Physician assessment of claim mitigation opportunities resulting in direct interaction with the treating provider
  • Appropriate utilization of care
  • Compensability or causality of treatment request
  • Consultative and creative return to work suggestions
  • Ideal pharmacy regimen (pain management, long term toxicology, narcotic intervention etc)
  • Review of new and emerging medical techniques and pharmacy options

Bottom line Impact

  • Lower claim costs (medical, indemnity and expense)
  • Reduce cost of absence to the employer (all non-direct claim costs associated with absence)
  • Support differentiated claim mitigation programs of our carrier and TPA partners

Our commitment

  • Achieve 99% quality assurance audit score
  • Maintain a 99% on time score for all transactions
  • Direct provider contact rate over 65% (peer conversation)