Certified Network

Network of top physicians

  • Board certified, credentialed and re-credentialed
    • Exclusivity where possible
  • Strict selection criteria through proprietary online tool
  • Certified by the National Assessment Institute
    • Understanding of the insurance ecosystem
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Complete national geographic and specialty coverage
  • Over 95% of network are MD or DO (advanced physical medicine impact)
  • Current practitioners in designated specialty with evidence-based guidelines
  • Ongoing performance assessment for continued inclusion in panel
  • Includes performance feedback and training criteria (report cards available)
  • 100% Quality Control in addition to Quality Assurance audits

Productive partnership with panel physicians

  • Quarterly newsletter and outreach on progressive trends
  • In-house physician support team
  • Quarterly “Town Hall” style meetings with physician partners
  • Provide access to advanced technology allowing for flexible work times